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More texture.

Yan Yan Chan

Texture on texture for Max and Co [collaboration]

Photographed by Hannah Roche.

Before you get a little excited about the warmth, let's talk about transeasonal dressing. That awkward weather transition from Winter to Summer, it's not Winter anymore but not yet Summer - it doesn't feel like Spring either, so what do you wear..? Thanks to Max and Co, all you really have to do is invest in 2 to 3 thicker pieces to aid in wardrobe, whether it's more suited to a warmer season or colder season. Hello, RAIN, HAIL OR SHINE. 


Dark, and stormy.

Yan Yan Chan

For Nobody Denim. [collaboration]

PHOTOGRAPHED by Yasmin Suteja.

Creative Direction by Yan Yan Chan.

Clothes by Nobody Denim

The weather has been pretty drab in Sydney lately.. and I usually dislike starting topics off referring to what the weather is doing - but after 5 weeks of travelling through Summer, the greyness of coming back to Winter has slowed down the creative making a little. A little block here and there; including the nose (I'm so sick right now). Sometimes when the motivation isn't there, you really just have to pull yourself out of the house and start doing. We shot these in the rain the other day down in Bondi, out in the open - overcast really gives magical lighting, sometimes. 

In bloom

Yan Yan Chan

For Max and Co, [collaboration]

PHOTOGRAPHED by Nathan Jolliffe

Creative Direction by Yan Yan Chan

Max & Co jacket, Hansen & Gretel knit, Reliquia necklace

I love a good leather jacket and long black duffle for the Winter, but as the temperature continually drops, I've been drawn to pairing seasonal hues with embroidered florals, browny tones and pops of colour here and there. Every Winter, I've always invested in a black leather boot, coat or scarf, but this year, I'm going for something a little different - colours that are close to black but aren't quiet. I don't know if it's my change of hair colour but the harmonious pairing of it all is so very appealing to me right now.