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Yan Yan Chan

Let's get personal.

My first edition of "ON MY MIND" - an homage to the beginnings of this blog. Real personal. What I like, what I'm listening to, books I'm reading, images I'm liking, and whatever else that's on my mind.

  Left to right:  Screenshots from 'TRAVIS' YSL S17 / Feifei Sun / 'Contact Sensation' by Hyunmee Lee / Glossier Nov 16 / Kasia Struss, Moschino SS12 by Juergen Teller / Kylie Bax, Vogue Italia 96 by Steven Meisel. 

Left to right: Screenshots from 'TRAVIS' YSL S17 / Feifei Sun / 'Contact Sensation' by Hyunmee Lee / Glossier Nov 16 / Kasia Struss, Moschino SS12 by Juergen Teller / Kylie Bax, Vogue Italia 96 by Steven Meisel. 


Bang bang Chan, the fringe came back. 

Thank you Edwards & Co for always taking care of my locks. 



I recently moved into Nathan's apartment - which meant; clean out & hello freshness. We sold the old couch, which meant a couch-less living room for a week. We bought a nutribullet (the Bellini one is cheaper), I've been home cooking all week, and our stray cat finally left us alone - his name is Wolfie. Our new couch finally got delivered this morning.. but it's not indigo, it's grey. 

Tunes I'm humming to / and other memorable mentions..

Let's Dance by David Bowie, Desirée by Blood Orange, Any day will do Fine by Michael Kiwanuka, Girls in June by Dirty Art Club, 


Yan Yan Chan

[Photo diary]

Thursday was Hermes's annual beach party, and this year - was situated in no other than Carraigeworks! A little dislocated from the usual beach location, but we were all in for a surprise - in true Hermes style.  We were welcomed by Australia's managing director and lead through mirrored art installations lit with prints and colours that were true of Hermes's scarves.

Dress code: Barefoot

Stated on the official invite, this would come to make sense as we were lead to a shoe concierge, floor covered with artificial grass, and later... the main room. Hermes brought the beach to Carraigeworks, and with zero flaws.


I couldn't help but feel like I was in a 80's beach party, glitz and glammed - Oversized floating inflatables, French waiters in vintage tees and spirtzin' faces, explosion of pastels and fluoro's, DJ set on a specially built diving board, a half pipe installed with skaters fresh from Bowlarama skating throughout the night, 180 curved projection screen with films cut from 80's James Bond to Blue Lagoon, watermelon cocktails, mini meat pies, sand shipped in from Perth (!!), the night felt like an endless fashion circus - only the best kind, with catered everything possible. This, including thongs for guests who didn't want to enter the bathrooms with no shoes (even though they were already lined with artificial grass). Every little thing that could've had a fault, didn't. 


Yan Yan Chan

ISLA CAMPAIGN [collaboration]

Photographed by Nathan Jolliffe

Creative direction by me. 


This was one of the last projects I completed for the year 2016, and it was photographed by Nathan in Yallingyup, WA. We were down for the week to visit our dear friends, celebrate Nath's birthday, hang out by the best beaches and wineries and farewell a great year that had been. It was a pretty special trip, and the first New Years I got to celebrate in Australia for quiet some time. I started the year happy from too much Rosé, gazing into a star filled midnight, welcomed with a shooting a star.  The latest Isla collection was a reflection of Summer road trips and a content state of mind - we stumbled upon this farm and old red Volvo on a rainy afternoon and couldn't bear to keep driving, because this was exactly what I had in mind. A rural open space, with endless tumbles of hills, red dirt and ocean.