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Hot dogs, hot dogs.

Yan Yan Chan

With a side of ketchup.

Photo diary [personal]


The last time I was at an Easter show was circa 2005, 10 years young, sugar high, and love heart eyes with the sight of the many rollercoaster rides I was about to jump on. Back then, I had zero to about a two when it came to the fear of heights and anything that involved being upside down and side ways. Fast forward to 2017, 12 years later and still with little fears of heights - the hot dog stand was the first destination we stopped at. Nath and I have been on a bit of a 3 week health kick, clean eating, no drinking and lots of exercise, so naturally.. I was in for a bit of naughtiness. 1 chilli hot dog, and 1 new york hot dog with a side of ketchup and chips - lots of ketchup.



Yan Yan Chan

[photo diary]



If you want to look good, you gotta feel good. 

BEAR took us on a trip to the Hinterlands of Newrybar recently, where we wined & dined, soaked up a plenty of sun, learnt about Gin, rested by the pool, and laughed endlessly and conversed over all things controversial (political, racial, the future etc. etc.) - this is what happens when you squeeze a bunch of "farshan" bloggers, stomach full of wine into a mini combi, Byron style. I also did this in a fashionably manner without spilling any red wine on a beautifully white KITX dress, clap clap for clumsy I. It was a Winter escapade into a weekend of balanced pleasures. Everything that sums up BEAR. 

Prepping for the weekend. Nath takes Perform, I take Protect.

Prepping for the weekend. Nath takes Perform, I take Protect.

Protect. Perform. Restore. Explore.

Protect for immunity. Perform for clarity. Restore for vitality. Explore for balance.

habits change into character.

Pick your one, and start every morning with the one dosage - don't mix and match, it's more about the consistency of taking the one. Coming into flu season, I picked Protect.  Each dose is quite potent, so if you take anymore than one, it actually doesn't do more than it already does. 

Protect: Vitamin A + Echinacea | Coming into travel and flu season, the vitamin I cannot live without always incorporates immune strengthening properties and echinacea. Whether it be in tea or tablet formula, I never miss a morning. I'm a bit of a crazy person when it comes to not getting sick!! There's nothing sexier than feeling 100%. If you don't feel good, you won't look good. I've been taking these everyday after breakfast for about two months now, and I've beaten Nathan's flu and missed out on the nasty cough that has been hopping around - which is a shocker because if Nathan gets sick, I usually do as well. So, TA-DA these really do work. I'm not fooling anybody & I would never endorse or work with any product or brand that I don't believe in - especially when it comes to all things health and beauty! I've recently sent my Mum over in Bei Jing to test them out as well, all ingredients are natural, carefully selected AND.... drumroll please, MADE IN AUSTRALIA. So, you're in safe hands Mum. 

THANK YOU - Saasha and Sam  for including Nath and I into the BEAR family and for such a heart warming and inspiring weekend - we are stoked and feeling reeeaaal dandy.  I'm moving onto the Restore next. 

PS. YOU're welcome! 


Stay: Halcyon House, Cabarita Beach | Drink: Cape Byron Distillery. | Listen: Nick Cunningham | Hydrate: Antipodes | Salt: The Beach People. | Eat: Paper Daisy| Snack: The Daily Bar.

dressed by kitx

in collaboration with bear.

personal photographs & photos by Cassandra ladru


A contrast of three

Yan Yan Chan


I am notoriously adamant on comfort when it comes to dressing, sometimes it means more black and white and slightly man repelling outfits at the best of times - and in Nathan's words.. "Why is everything baggy". Baggy is not really the look I am going for, but sometimes when you aren't feel 100%, low slung pants and oversized tee's are the way to go (all in black too). But, I've been feeling pretty flirty and inspired lately, and for the first time in a long while, I'm back to experimenting with colour, and it feels pretty damn fineeeee and fun. This one's for my favourite voice; Michael Jackson. 

My cherry pop speed dealers,

a $30 vintage find that are yes! UV protected. 

Blue trucks, vroom vroom. 




TOPSHOP leather jacket, Alexander Wang pants, Vintage sunglasses, SANDRO leather bag, Gucci loafers.