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Yan Yan Chan


Blocktech by Uniqlo



BLOCKTECH -- Something everyone needs in their wardrobe.


When it comes to dressing, I always purchase for cost per wear - and when it comes to it's durability, quality and wearability.. it's everything that I look for in a piece of clothing - especially for cooler seasons. 

My naive once 14 year old self had many of thoughts that clothes were made to just look good, feel good and occasionally keep you warm. Never would I have thought back then - that tech & design would combine -- where aesthetic & technicality attain just as much importance as one another. And, for a very affordable price. I'm all about buying smart, and dressing smarter. Investing in pieces you can keep for more than just a season. Hello longevitiy. 

 waterproof, windproof, durable water-repellent - hello, goodbye. Right down to it's seams.

If you're someone who likes to layer up, dress light and still keep warm & look cute... this is how you do it. 



Creative by Yan Yan Chan - Photographed by Nathan Jolliffe

Walk walk

Yan Yan Chan

Fashion baby

[personal work]

This fashion week was a little different, there was an air of laid back & cool between each show (apart from the backstage madness, that is forever) - the street style atmosphere wasn't your usual explosion of over-dressed & over-done outfits; but instead were tailored filled, jean embraced.. and slightly more casual than usual. I ditched the usual DSLR and shot with my little filmy instead.. I was pretty obsessed with the idea of movement this year - so the night time setting came into play and I experimented on the runway. 

Motion blur & sparkly lights. 


Yan Yan Chan

Romance was Born after party, [QT]

Disco baby.

A fashion week wrap up - thank you to QT hotels for hosting us & for hosting the Romance Was Born after party! All things pink & sparkly. Fruity cocktails, disco balls, & a ride down the lobby in my luggage trolley.. I'm very much colour & texture-fied. Heads up for my Sydney fashion week wrap up diary.. coming up next. 

I'm wearing; Strateus Carlucci dress & bodice, Senso boots, Louis Vuitton clutch.