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Palmy for days.

Yan Yan Chan


When my best friends ask me to ditch a day of work for a day of Polaroids, babes, sunshine, and a day trip to Palm Beach, it's a yes please for me. I photographed Finnish angel; Lotta May Belake on polaroids for their Resort collection. 


Yan Yan Chan


Wearing Tommy Hilfiger sweater & Her Line pants

We recently moved into our new apartment, so I invited Darren for a catch up, over a mini impromptu shoot. We do these catch up's well. He brought coloured perspex cards he got gifted in 09' - and we used them as filters over his lense, 8 years later with a little bit of sticky tape.  I wore red on red, because there's no other colour I favour more in the month of December. 

Photographed by Darren LUK, IN OUR APARTMENT.


Yan Yan Chan

For Tiffany & Co



The Art of wasting time. 

An editorial for Tiffany and Co's watches, dedicated to, A New York Minute - And, just in time for the holiday season. 

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This is an ode to modern time wasting, because unfortunately... and fortunately, scrolling and downloading imagery and text, offline and online is a habit that I have notoriously become good (and bad) at. Somewhere within the noise, lies a million and ten references to the latest films, images, and everything else - I have consumed, from screens, books and interviews. 

Here are some of my favourite quotes.