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Paris, in Winter.

Yan Yan Chan

In collaboration with lack of colour

OH Paris, once in the Summer time and once in the Winter time. Both as equally romantic as each other, in very different ways. This is my Winter Guide for Paris, one I spent sitting rugged up in cosy corners of wine bars, indulging in boeuf bourguignon, bread soaked and all - whilst sipping on darling red wine and people watching out of foggy windows. 

I'll never forget our first snow encounter, walking through the Vendome… tummies full of red wine & cheese, a mixture of tipsy and jet-lag, as we huddled together, ears cold and noses red. The Vendome, so beautiful and so inviting to the spine chilling wind!  We giggled and gasped profusely as we sighted the first flakes of snow floating down from above and onto our limited layering. Our luggage was unfortunately left behind in Abu Dhabi (and most likely sweating in the heat as our fingers and toes froze!). But no sequence of unfortunate events could discourage our  enthusiasm. WE were in Paris, together, with our beret’s, and it was snowing, and we were a little dizzy from wine, and the surreality of our surroundings. The AWE!

Oh ps, Paris take me as a citizen? I'd say my attempt at passport photos could be passable. 


Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 10.44.44 am.png

You’re not in Paris, unless you walk!

My favourite districts to wonder and get lost. 

[3rd Arrondissment]

Start off at Tom Greyhound; it's one of my favourite boutiques in Paris, I always leave with a pair of shoes and a present for Nathan. They stock great Korean designers too. Then make your way to L'eclaireur, they have Celine, Balenciaga and all things edgy... and if you're like me and crave a great French lace, make sure you take a peek at Ysé Lingerie. I could really spend days in Le Marais, there's always something I stumble upon that's completely new. It's my favourite place to get lost in, the light always seem to hit the buildings just right, it really is so mesmerising. And, before I forget... you can't leave Le Marais without a French crepe in hand; La Droguerie is the place to go. 


My favourite department & vintage stores. 

Le Bon Marche; This is like an art gallery for clothes and beautiful things. My favourite department store, most definitely.

Thank god I'm VIP; A little more on the expensive side of vintage, but it's a well curated store if you can't be bothered going through piles of second hand clothing.

KiloShopAnd.. if you can be bothered going through a good vintage hunt, this is the place to go! I picked up some cute lace tops for 5 euro.  

The Broken Arm; The start of good shopping in Le Marais... a beautiful concept store with some of my favourite brands; Calvin Klein, Comme Des Garcon. Great for menswear. 

Merci | [Le Marais] Second hand book store in the ground floor, with a lifestyle concept store inside and upwards. I love coming here on the first or second day I'm in Paris, it's a little ritual I've developed. 


For those who need that little Asian kick in the appetite, after a long day of shopping.

PHO BANH CUON 14 | [13th Arrondissement] Ok, if you're a PHO lover like me, this place is worth the trek & line up. BEST PHO EVER. Heats you from the soul.




Places to wine and dine, for long hours at a time. 

Snow and chill proof.

Le Derriere | [3rd Arrondissement]  Boozy dinner for big groups of fun. I don't think I ever laughed so much in the one spot, I had one of my best nights in Paris here. Oh, and tequila! 

Chez Janou | [Le Marais] There's always a local crowd here, I love coming for their beef bourguignon! I came here for the first time last Summer, and we met the funniest couple where we wined and dined till early hours of the morning - who to this day we still keep in touch with. This time round, I ordered the same beef, and it was just as tasty. 

Le Castiglione | [Place Vendôme] OH, this place. The Pumpkin soup, and burrata are my two favourite things. But really, everything on the menu is just mouth watering. I like sitting upstairs, it's so cosy. We got the left corner table, right next to the window, where we watched the most stylish shoppers peruse the street of Saint Honoré.

People watching, the best kind too.


Hôtel Costes | [Place Vendôme] So perfect for brunch or late lunch. I saw some of my favourites (Hi, Jeanne Damas & Natalia Vodianova) in this little gem of a place. Kind of reminds me of Chateau Marmont in LA, but less pretentious, more softly spoken.. and the hosts are chicer. Also, the food is great. 

Hemmingway Bar, The Ritz | [Place Vendôme] You can't go to Paris without a visit to the Hemmingway Bar. If you love Midnight in Paris and a romantic like I, you'll be transported through time with just a sip of a cocktail. I like a good Hendricks here. 

Cafe Del Flore | [St Germain] A little Paris must, I love coming here after a day of shopping at Le Bon Marche. 

OH, the sights! 

My favourite way of being tourist.

Lou Lou's | [1st Arrondissment] After a day at Le Louvre, Lou Lou's is the perfect place to wind down and enjoy a view of the Eiffel Tower, if you're after something a little fancy... Make sure you call in for a booking beforehand and try get a seat outside! Nath and I came back for seconds here during the Summer. 


Melbourne, in a day.

Yan Yan Chan

[a photo diary with virgin Australia fashion festival]

Melbourne, a city I always look forward to visiting… So close to home, but an atmosphere so very different from Sydney’s. I don’t like comparing the two, because I love them both very much for so, very different reasons. I got to support VAMFF this year -  we cafe & gallery hopped, played dress ups, went from one end of the city, to the other, learnt about denim, soaked up some (rare) rays of Melbourne, and bopped to some of my favourite beats front row.  Here’s a little wrap up diary of everything we got up to, and in between. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 2.39.13 pm.png


For coffee & brunch - Industry Beans. 62 Rose St, Fitzroy.

For Inspiration - Amy Winehouse: A family Portrait. 26 Alma Road, St Kilda. 

"You can't do that", Melbourne Museum.

For Denim - Nobody Denim. 396-398 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. 

Shows I saw - Runway 5 by Instyle

Marie Claire featuring Ginger & Smart

What I wore -

For the day; Nobody Denim, Nice Matin, Ginger & Smart

For the night; Hansen & Gretel, Life With Bird. 





Yan Yan Chan

In collaboration with SKII



Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 3.50.54 pm.png

I’m not much of an expert when it comes to packing, no matter how many interstate and International flights I manage throughout the year -- the extra kg’s always sneak in on me, and it’s always the cosmetics!

But, in-flight essentials?

Nothing gets me more excited than boarding a long haul flight, knowing that I’ll be face deep in a very, very gelatinous and moisturising mask — mid movie marathon. Not to mention, invisible. There’s no better place or time, than in the air, especially if you're on a 15hr+ flight. I’ve pretty much trialled a handful of the internet’s most hyped in-flight essentials, in real time. 

These are my favourites; fuss free, customs friendly, and trust me. You’ll be waking up in Paris with skin more hydrated than you did before you boarded. 


Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 3.51.25 pm.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 3.24.01 pm.png




There’s nothing worse than rushing and getting on an international flight in a hurry — I always make sure to exercise and shower before and after. I very much want to be as fresh and as zen as possible.. haha. The SKII RNA Milky lotion helps with keeping the skin already moisturised, and I never go through customs without the Aesop Ginger roll-on oil in my purse. Relaxo, rancho. 




As important are pre-flight safety demonstration’s, so are vitamins. No one wants to be in recycled cabin air and, sick on the other side. So, if there’s anything that can prevent a potential flu, I always take my BEAR Vitamin C tablets. “EXPLORE” is made for frequent flyers. 

Oh, and never travel without hand sanitiser. A personal favourite is the Dr Bronner; reapply regularly, comes in Lavender, and DON’T PANIC, it’s organic.




And miracle, it is. 

Oh, SKII. Where do I begin…

For those who are familiar with SK-II Sheet Masks, popularly existed (and still exists) in my suitcase, girl’s nights, Sunday recovery nights, and occasionally also seen on several boyfriend’s faces (Nathan is guilty). The SK-II sheet masks is pretty much the solution for any sign of skin fatigue. But when it comes to flying, the new Miracle Mask, does just that - but with extra moisture intensity, with less fuss, half the size and still using their miracle ingredient; PITERA.

Instead of a sheet mask, these babies come in compact capsules, with a generous amount of thick, gel-like substance, which you can apply, and reapply with your fingers. Note* the gel is completely see through, so you can wear in or off your flight, and experience just as much moisture, wherever you are.

A soothing sensation is felt when applied, and I recommend doing so, before you press play on whatever marathon you’re about to tuck into. And, if you’re not much of a in-flight sleeper, thank goodness this one’s made for all nighter’s. 

I recommend using this for in flight occasions, morning after’s, or if you’re time-poor and in need of an instant glow and hydration. 


Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 3.39.17 pm.png


And.. for those who manage to squeeze in a few hours or so of eyeball rest (important!), this Eye Mask by SLIP is the perfect combination for a semi-decent rest. Blocks out any distracting light, soft like clouds on the skin, and most importantly is created using only the highest quality of silk, with non-toxic dye.