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Yan Yan Chan

Photos: Joseph Dang


Someone give me my pre-internet eyes.

Let's start from the very beginning, when using the family Windows computer and Motorola Razr V3 were merely a treat. Afternoons were spent at art class, swimming school, dancing, tennis, tutoring or piano - having various activities scheduled after school with limited access to the internet, the thought of incorporating a computer or phone in my then lifestyle wasn't even thought of - my eyes were very much 20/20, in perfect condition and my life was dancing, homework, occasional MSN flirting with the boy I had a crush on and an un-engaged perception of the foreign world; the digital world.

If you asked me 5 years ago when the last time my eyes visited an optometrist, not one care would be given let alone the wonder of whether my eyes needed to be checked; fast forward to 2015, the internet is my life (no exaggeration here; uni, work, blogging - all accessed through this space), and my eyes, in constant direct exposure to the LED screens that is my laptop and iPhone. Dried, strained, occasionally missing the bus and un-capable of reading uni lecture slides AKA good bye 20/20 vision and hello poor eye sight for the rest of my life - are the inevitable side effects of living in the modern world. You can brush this off as much as you can, but the painful truth is that while you are reading this post, either off your computer, iPhone or tablet; your retina's are pretty much staring into direct sunlight.. and slowly worsening.

I've been refusing to rely on my glasses, but after the 3rd time of getting on the wrong bus home, I decided it was probably a smart idea to get my eyes re-examined and get a little eye-ducated with OPSM in their newest World Square store.


 Bare in mind, I am not generalizing the Asian bone structure, but for those who have a similar face shape to myself/just can't seem to find the perfect pair of glasses for their face - we can admit that it certainly doesn't help when most glasses on the market are branded/modeled for a Caucasian fit; and neither am I saying that all brands are targeted for Caucasians either - but having to narrow down specific styles from different brands can get a little tedious.

So, OPSM has simply made it easier for us; through their Asian-fit frames in store experience. They've filtered their wide range of brands to a selection of frames that flatter the Asian face structure.. so say HELLO to my new Miu Miu's and Giorgio Armani's!

(photo below not literally)

After a comprehensive hour of a four part eye test; x-ray scans of my retinal, optical nerves and maculae -  it's safe to say that my retina and macula are all clear of any diseases. All 360 degrees of my eyeball are completely normal and healthy - apart from the tiny factor that I am now an owner of short sighted and long distance glasses.

I won't bore you with my eye exam details - so let's talk about frames.

Myself and many other Asian's who have a petite, yet wide face and a smallish bridged nose, often take a little longer in finding the perfect frame that sit and look just right.