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Central Park with American Apparel

Yan Yan Chan

I fell in love with Central Park about 7 years ago - maybe even before then. I'm not sure if an 11 year old knows what love is let alone a 13 year old. But the feeling of seeing Central Park from above, being present within it & experiencing the change of season 3 times in a row - for the first time ever is a feeling similar to a reunite with a first love. It's pretty spectacular. So, when I got to hang out with American Apparel last year and wonder/shoot in Central Park and Rockefeller a few days before Christmas.. it was sort of a cherry on top & New York moment situation that I know I'll always look back on. There's something about the air of New York.. you just feel it when you walk down each street, knowing that there's a long and detailed history behind every corner, pavement, subway & building.. something that always drew me to the aesthetics of the past, particularly the 90's, 70's & 60's. Perhaps it was the endless NYC based films I watched as a child from previous eras and all my favourite artists from decades before. Having the chance to work with American Apparel during my stay in New York, was kind of more then timely perfect. I've always been drawn to the aesthetics of American Apparel but after being living in New York pieces I hadn't paid attention to before, stood out to me.. pieces that were reminiscent to me from a scene from Woody Allen's Manhattan, Jane Birkin or my imagination of what Patti and Rob would wear when walking through Chinatown or something.. I guess that's one of the reasons why half my wardrobe is currently American Apparel.