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Shu Uemura: Fresh Faced


Shu Uemura: Fresh Faced

Yan Yan Chan


Photographed by Joseph Dang for Vogue Spy Style

Space by The Palisades

Wearing; Lucy Mcintosh pants & top, CMEO collective jacket, Springcourt B2 sneakers

I've never been a foundation girl - even when my skin pops a pimple or two, or the times where all nighter's are pulled to finish an assignment dark bags under les yeux  are visible - I always, always leave it bare. Everything I use daily are products that help activate/assist in achieving that freshly dewed look - which means no cover ups, no foundation or concealers, just products that accentuate your natural skin colour.

I'm a sucker for the warmer seasons and for me, I think people look their best in Summer. Sun-kissed skin and a constant natural flush and glow across the cheeks from the heat.. that flush and glow you get after a good Friday night boogie, the one you get from spending a decent amount of time laying on the beach. It's my favourite look and I think it's a look that just goes for anyone and any occasion. It's my go-to and it's super low maintenance (hoorayyyy!).

IMG_1161 (1).jpg

FOR THE EYES: I love mixing in tinges of orange, peaches and always brown to make the corners of the eye a little smokey, the browner it is the sexier I think it looks - a good neutral eyeshadow palette is what you need, I use the Shu Palette. Anything else that's outside of this colour palette is a little daunting for me so this is what I put all my trust in. My eyelashes aren't particularly curly so a good eyelash curler is my best friend. I also never leave the house without mascara. 

FOR THE BROWS: My eyebrow hairs are pretty light and thin. Full eye brows = instant face lift. I recently converted to an eyebrow pencil (I use to seal brown H9) after mistakenly and aggressively applying on eyebrow gel in attempts to make it in time for an uber. If you purchase this at the counter, they also shave the pencil for you in the shape of a samurai sword, making the drawing process a lot easier. 

FOR THE FACE: What really ties this entire look together though are the cheeks and lip. I tend to use a gel/mousse based formula, avoiding anything powder with a matte finish, and always apply with fingertips. I love a good two-in-one lip and cheek tint. My absolute favourite is the Haut Street Tint in Gelato, Graffiti Orange. This line of cheek and lip tints all come out highly pigmented.. a little scary at first but once applied, the colour fades and adjusts to your skin colour. It's something you have to try before using. If you're not ready for the cheek tint, I just go with lipstick. My favourite colour is the Rouge Unlimited in BR750 - I use it as a lipstick and a cheek tint; just smear and dab!