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Life on Film 001

Yan Yan Chan

Life on Film, Edition 001, "Disposable weekends".

Bondi, February.

Bondi, February.

2016 has been pretty epic so far. I started the year celebrating with new friends in a dodgy little deep house club in Hong Kong and since then rode an even dodgier night bus from Siem Reap to Phenom Penh, ate the most I've ever eaten through Hoi An.. and finally after a few weeks in Asia solo, made it back home to never ending sunshine, dancing, night swims and love from friends and family. It's been pretty brilliant. All this goodness has gotten my creative juices flowin.. and have rekindled my inconsistent relationship/love to film - which, I'm hoping is here to stay foreverrrrrr.

Here's the first little batch of "Life on Film" - short and sweet. 

Notes (from top to bottom)

08.02.16 / Impromptu shoot days, driving around in Nathan's car. Cece's earrings. Matching shoes. My hand and hair tie. [Bondi, Sydney]

10.02.16 / Dumplings after a night out, catching up with Arianne. [Chippendale, Sydney]

28.02.16 / Post Chinese New Year fruit. [Jody's family house, Sydney]