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Shu Uemura x KYE

Yan Yan Chan

PHOTOGRAPHED by Nathan Jolliffe

FOR Shu Uemura x KYE

Dear skin, welcome to dry season, that is Australian Winter - darn darn DARRNNN.

After a first ever facial, that unfortunately did no wonders to my skin; I was back to base one.. dry, flaky and uneven - it happens every season. No amount of water consumed can help aid with the first week of Winter Skin. I ran out of my usual Shu Uemura moisturiser, so was using Nathan's for the time being (big mistake, there's a reason why females should just stick to ladies skin care). 

See my everyday skin care routine HERE

But, after a bit of skincare TLC and consistency of moisturising and cleansing, I finally got to test out my favourite Shu Uemura x KYE products. My skin is naturally quiet fair, and loses tan/colour in the Winter, so I tend to stick to make up that is low maintenance, heightens my natural skin and lip colour and aids with hydration. 

Below are some of my favourites, available at David Jones now;

FOR THE LIPS / Neon Balm 

For cheeks and lips, I always stick to orangey tones, my skin is naturally a yellow base - so oranges and purpley pinks bring out the best hues. Like a lot of Shu Uemura's products, they tend to look quiet pigmented, but once worn on the skin - the colours are always applied with a sheen texture, with a subdued tone. This one's super hydrating, you don't need a lip balm before application, so apply as it is! 

TO WASH / Cleansing oil

FOR THE EYES / Drawing pencil (in black)

I'm not usually one for eyeliner as I love a slight smokey/casual look, but this eyeliner's got a soft texture to it. I apply straight on to the corners of my eyes and smudge with finger tips. 

FOR THE BROWS / Brow Palette (seal stone)

FOR THE CHEEKS / Cushion cheek (orange)

I leave this till last.. it's probably my all time favourite out of the new range. After my skin care routine, I apply this all over my cheeks and even above my temples. The orangey colour gives the skin an extra bounce and glow without the bronze or fake tan look. It pretty much enhances the natural skin colour with a slight mandarin orange. Easy application - I take this one with me everywhere.