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Life on Film 003

Yan Yan Chan

Life on Film, Edition 003, For ASOS Australia. [photo diary]


I always keep [Life on Film]  short and sweet, straight to the point. Mostly 3-4 images per post, summarizing a day or even an entire trip.. or a collection of photos that share the same concept or story from several different trips/days. However... I recently traveled to London with ASOS, and had the opportunity to hang out in their head offices, meet the team and explore London in the space of 5 days. I think we did pretty epic-ly in those days.. work and play - evenly. I actually found a £4 35mm film camera on the second day of arrival - flash, manual ISO and camera case included.. so began documenting I did!! For the longest time, we were pretty sure all the images were going to be over-exposed because I opened the film instead of turning the flash on.. it was also the first time I got to manually change the ISO on a compact film camera.. so some of the images are a little darker than hoped for!

First day with the ASOS team. Playing dress ups in their fashion closet, mix and matching the brightest of the bright, exploring colours I'd never think I'd wear but like, and re-discovering my pre-loved relationship with colours and prints in clothing. 

After exploring London on our own, we were pretty excited to actually start shooting and working. I've always loved cities, but the thing I love most about being in a city, is having the work play balance. I'm all about that. It was the relationship I had with New York, and what I've always had with Sydney. It's what drives my motivation to work harder, but to also play and really live in the moment when I'm having downtime. Thank you ASOS for making this happen for us in London out of all places. We shot for over three days in total, in a beautiful loft studio in Shoreditch with an incredibly creative and patient team. <3333 

Tube at 8.00AM, morning coffee from Shoreditch Grind, finding a new building every morning on our walk in to the studio, breakfast with the team, hair and make up - shooting at 10.00am, wrapping up at 5.30pm and always drinks and dinner at somewhere completely great and unplanned. 3 full days of disco playlists, lots of unnecessary mugs of black coffee, plenty of boppin around, learning that London slang and lots of missing the flight home contemplations.  EXTREMELY SURREAL AND EXTREMELY GRATEFUL. 

Last day, with our favourite ASOS team member - Maddy, who made all of this magic happen. Eating too much sushi, drinking too much wine, and talking way too much nonsense until the early hours of the morning. Thanks for being so accommodating and thank you for the regal week that was.