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Life on Film 004

Yan Yan Chan

Life on Film, Edition 004, "So much fun"


Sometimes, I'm having so much fun I forget to document things, capturing mostly images of the pre and post events - which remain as reminders of why those moments weren't captured to being with. 

Notes (from top to bottom):

17.07.2016/ Catching up with Keenan and Jos like it was 2013. Chilled nights always turning into "Hurry, we have to get to Brooklyn before 4.00am", nights. [Chinatown studio, New York]

18.07.2016 / Bittersweet and forever surreal.  [Jos's apartment, New York]

18.07.2016 / Last days of my visit. Always ending up in Brooklyn alone. [Bushwick, Chinatown, LES, New York]

20.07.2016 / Having lunch at Nobu with Nathan and Rob. [Malibu, Los Angeles]

19.07.2016 / Crossing that Manhattan bridge for the last time for another long while. *Sad face*. [Manhattan Bridge, New York]

20.07.2016 / Cheeky Nathan after he's first surf of the day.

                  / Meeting Kanye West at Nobu after our beer. LOL. He asked if he could take a photo of Nath's APC shirt.