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Double alter ego.

Yan Yan Chan

A film stills series for Max and Co

Photographed by Yasmin Suteja

Past, present & future. 

Double alter ego, being yourself is fun - but sometimes pretending to be somebody else is funner. 

Yas and I have always been drawn to film, and it was probably one of the first conversations we  bonded over (after about a dozen other topics) when we initially met. Both coming from a Film/Arts background and a penchant to cinematography and hilarious/memorable dialogue, we've always spoken about creating a project with references to all our favourite films. Think Godard's Breathless to Kar-Wai's Chungking Express, to the Wes Anderson's, Woody Allen's, Lost in Translation etc, etc. We love to get lost in the simplicity (sometimes not so simple) of films, told through dreamlike imagery and impeccable lensing. We weren't trying to re-create anything, nor reference in any obvious way, we were just very drawn to the idea of transporting into another time, temporarily. 

Directed by Yasmin Suteja and I

Assisted by Joss Peter