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Love Letters

Yan Yan Chan

Tiffany & Co [Collaboration]

For lovers. Happy Valentines Day!

Photographed by Darren Luk

Creative Directed by Me

Love letters.

I've always loved sharing the love on Valentines day - love letters, heart shaped notes, stickers, hand drawn cards. Anything goes. It's fun for me, so I wanted to make this shoot a fun one.

Hair & Make up by my favourite team over at Edwards and Co.

All work done by Byron Turnbull.   

All jewellery by Tiffany & Co.


A little series brainstormed at the back of an Uber, stuck in traffic. It was after a talk with Tiffany & Co, on their latest release of selling earrings singularly. For girls who love to experiment with jewellery and wear them in a-not-so conventional way. Charms in your sleepers, triple single earrings on the one, layered typography of necklaces and necklaces as bracelets. The funner the piece is, the more you can do. 

Earrings sold here, Rings here & hereNecklace here

Charm here & here, Ring here

Necklace here