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Midnight, with the greats

Yan Yan Chan


For Louis Vuitton

a walk amongst the greats, after hours, in the dark, at the art gallery of new south wales, for louis vuitton x jeff koons.


A rather special love project it was. 

Amidst the craziness and occasional unlucky month of May it was, (Mars was in retrograde, FML) mid fashion week prep, mid 4 shoots a day out of five, and a snowed under situation of many many emails, creating things became a job. And the jobs became deadlines. Those fun, special moments of joy that occurred when creating - disappeared, and became just another cut-off. 

When you're on the brink of a mini meltdown *I experienced, and survived my first, last month. Retrograde, when's my next! Har har, kidding, never again please.*  and un-clarified direction of where your going, I always remind myself to stop, and smell the roses. To soak it up, be present, and to be aware and appreciate.. And it's ok to forget - this industry moves fast, and so does everything else. Work pace, city life, the digital life that can barely keep up with itself.. and the tabs. The tabs, that open in front of me on Google Chrome every second - and in my mind, daily.. that sometimes don't close. But that's okay, there's pressure. But when there is, it's nice to find stillness wherever you are. And although I'm on when I'm working, I still want to work, when I'm off. 

So, when I first saw that Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons were creating a collection together, dedicated to The Greats - I was immediately mesmerised, excited.. and for a very long time, completely inspired. I jumped to the opportunity so very instantly, forgetting about every other deadline, and... so, it all came together, and very well indeed. The stars were on our side, and it was fate. We somehow managed the very great and rare opportunity of using the Art Gallery as the dream location, after hours, with no-one else. There was magic to be created.

And oh it was. 

Darren, my right hand man (who’s helped me on the many of creative projects), and I were quiet hesitant upon arrival. I perused and admired, like many times before, but this time, it was different. No usual soft whispering and murmurs through echoed gallery crowds, but silent footsteps from just us. The grandeur of the space in day light is immense, but at night - it is just something else. A little spooky, with a sense of odd familiarity.. the nostalgia, the wonder, the endlessly endless history and inspiration. The paintings, intensity in size and fantasticality in colour, overwhelmed us in ways that made us nervous. Were we able to make this happen..? Or was this all too big for our boots.

But as we walked.. I felt calm, a little anxious.. but in a good way, the kind of angst you feel right before you know something great is about to happen.

Midnight in Paris. A first visual, that came into mind. Si tu vois ma mère, was the sound. Dream-like, a warm ambience, through foggy glass and a longing for something romantic, I was ready for a red wine and creativity came through. Here's a glimpse into our minds, what it's like, to wear art amongst art, to float within it, to dream within it.. a dream.. like.. sequence. 


Photographed by Darren luk

Creative by Yan yan chan