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Yan Yan Chan

with a side of F/W Louis Vuitton.

curated by yan yan chan

 photographed by daphne nguyen 

WHIRLWIND of a weekend is what I'd like to call it, and one that's been shot in the saturation of Hong Kong's colours and weather forecast. 

*** An accurate depiction of me, laying in the hospital bed with an IV drip *** Kidding lol, not really.

*** An accurate depiction of me, laying in the hospital bed with an IV drip *** Kidding lol, not really.


Daphne and I recently flew over to Hong Kong to see Louis Vuitton's latest collection and meet and greet the lovely Asian Pacific team. After numerous attempts to get Daphne out of school (during exam week), without her failing her entire semester; we tossed up faking an illness or catching a potential illness. Both extremely dumb solutions, and I strongly do not advise. We successfully (after many back and forth phone calls) departed Sydney with a passport in one hand, and a Louis Vuitton in the other. NO illnesses to be caught, or planned to be caught; safely boarding our flight on route to Hong Kong. Our first stop; my favourite shrimp wonton salon, boasting a classically Hong Kongnese quick dish, followed by a very sticky and very steamy walk back home (which was the The Murray - thank you for your endless hospitality).

Midnight and colourful as ever, I woke up to severe, stabbing pains in my lower right abdominal. An experience so painful, I could barely breathe or move, without crying. Those who know me,  know that I have a great level of pain tolerance, and this was fucking painful. As I wheezed through waves, I dialled through my list of phone contacts, deciding with my nearest and dearest if I should resort to the hospital. Daphne had already rushed up in a sweat, and at this stage I'm pretty sure she thought I was potentially going to *die*, I say this because shortly after her arrival I was wheelchaired from my bed to the hotel reception (my head between my knees), carried into the taxi and so forth - a rather dramatic departure. Really sorry to have put you through this little Dapho.

The next few hours were a complete blur. Emergency beds, a bit of spewing, high dosages of pain killers, x-rays, ultrasounds, and several hours of IV drips,  I was diagnosed with appendicitis--

Can you believe. LOL. APPENDICITIS.

An aggravated appendage, the size of my bloody pinky -  HAD sent me to the hospital. Maybe it was karma for encouraging Daphne to fake a potential illness. Whatever fate's decision it was... as I finally walked out of the hospital, 15 hours later, pale as ever, and still in my hotel robe and slippers - my short time spent laying in the hospital bed, shared in a ward with sick elderlies was a short time of much needed reflection- how lucky I am to be healthy, safe and happy. I've never been good at ending anecdotes but I can't help but think that it was my body's way of telling me that I really need to stop and smell the roses. WEEEHOO.

Thank you THANK YOU, times a million to the incredible team at Louis Vuitton for making this happen, and KATE & DAPHNE for taking care of me !! <3

Here's Louis Vuitton's latest collection in full throttle, in true Nicholas form. No matter how ill or cloudy I feel, I always feel fearless in LV. I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS EDITORIAL!