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Yan Yan Chan



Oh, how exciting it is to be able to work behind and in front of the camera.

Nyaluak Leth, Rachel Rutt, Alecsa Lee.

Nyaluak Leth, Rachel Rutt, Alecsa Lee.

A lot of you often wonder what my job entails - well, this is a perfect example of some of the wonderful projects I get to be apart of! I am always shooting and always creating content for somebody or something new. One of the main reasons why I started this blog in the first place, was to have an outlet to express myself creatively, through imagery - I was always told no, or told otherwise, so... naturally I rebelled, and this space was born. A space,  that has given me endless opportunities to collaborate and grow, to create what I want, whenever I want, with people I love, with brands I love.

From the idea, the mood boarding, the styling, to then finding a location, team, casting, and then of course the funnest part; the actual shoot - and how could I forget, the curating and editing of the final images.  All of these components, are essential in each content piece I produce on here -although it looks effortless and thrown together in just one post, a lot of hard work gets put into the organisation and preparation of each shoot - and with a lot of heart! So... as I take a little sigh (out of reflection) on all the projects I've worked on this year, I am a little proud to present to you my latest photography project for The Upside, who wholeheartedly supported my every decision through the entire process (sometimes scary, but so very empowering). Thank you to the team for putting your absolute trust in my work, without any hesitations. It is one of the many reasons I continue to stay inspired and creative. And, thank you to my Nathan for being my right hand man, always. Xxxxx

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