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Yan Yan Chan



Photographed & Painted by Jess Ruby James

Collaged & edited by Yan Yan Chan

I recently went on a bit of an exercise hiatus, two weeks without, but this morning I woke up and trained twice. Once at the gym, and once on the reformer. I feel so energetic, and I think I’m BACK. Did I also tell you that I quit coffee? It’s been 10 months too. On the topic of cutting things out, and giving things a break - I’ve been doing a lot of this recently. Exchanging old ways for new ones, giving up things that make me feel less, to make me feel more.

I’ve recently been shooting and producing a lot, which is incredible, but with that - means, less time to explore other mediums… like collage and painting - old favorites and pastimes of mine, which I like to keep for special projects. Here’s a new story for DION LEE - a bit of a comeback to myself from my collage hiatus, call it a bit of an intermission.

Hey old friend, it’s been a long time coming, but how glad I am, that you decided to show up. I really do hope you’re here to stay.