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Fresh, in my mind.

Yan Yan Chan

Photo diary

A month and a half of city hopping & hustlin' meant a much needed bit of mental TLC. 

Bedarra, an Island just off the Queensland coast brought slow days, clear minds, tangled hair and the ocean. So fresh, if I pressed my nose against my skin and inhaled hard enough.. I could still smell that sharp hint of Queensland salt and coconut. 

Four days and three nights, minimal reception (no reception on my behalf), a secluded beach (kayaks and all), and several fridges stocked full. We escaped fast minds, keyboards and preoccupied our hands with fresh lemon, coriander, and anything else that would garnish our stir fried vegetables and platters of heirloom tomatoes. Screens were closed, books were read (!) and thoughts were shared. Our eyesights improved, and we paid attention; to the sea, the palms, the heat, and each other. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 2.39.06 pm.png

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 2.42.16 pm.png

an island life, is a good life to me. 


After surprising our darling Sophie at the airport (it was her birthday a few days earlier), we boarded the flight to arrive in Cairns 3.5 hours later, for a 2 hour and 10 minute car ride to Mission beach, where our pre-ordered produce awaited for us to be picked up for a 35 min boat ride onto the island.

Our humble abode was very much of an all you need beach shack. An artist loft with an outdoor shower, next to the main suite with a beach front view, accompanied with a two story, two bedroom tree house (is the only way I can describe), tucked behind sweeping palms - real romantic.

No reception (unless you climbed on top of the nearest cliff), no restaurants, no distractions, minimal power, a whole lot of resting and a whole lot of just being. 

Above: This was taken after a morning of kayaking. I think the last time I attempted this activity was in 2007 on my first Summer school camp. We ended up kayaking around the whole of Bedarra Island, which took about 1.5 hrs. Soph and I on the Kayak, and Dan on the stand up paddle board (I don't know how he did this the whole way). Dan spotted the island's 4M crocodile as we past the mangroves.. thanking the gods that he didn't fall?

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 2.57.08 pm.png


Books to read: Fast Company, Slow Minds - Emma Babitz

Albums on repeat: Ethiopiques, Vol 4. The Source, Tony Allen. Ibibio Sound Machine. The Vodoun Effect.

Snacks to be had: Burrata, tomato and rocket salad with Proscuitto. (With a glass of Rosé)

Things to look out for: 

Crocodiles (just stay away from the mangroves)

Stingers (jellyfish, when the water is 27degree +)

Snakes in the bush


Blue Ring octopus, lol

Welcome to Australia, guys.