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A contrast of three

Yan Yan Chan


I am notoriously adamant on comfort when it comes to dressing, sometimes it means more black and white and slightly man repelling outfits at the best of times - and in Nathan's words.. "Why is everything baggy". Baggy is not really the look I am going for, but sometimes when you aren't feel 100%, low slung pants and oversized tee's are the way to go (all in black too). But, I've been feeling pretty flirty and inspired lately, and for the first time in a long while, I'm back to experimenting with colour, and it feels pretty damn fineeeee and fun. This one's for my favourite voice; Michael Jackson. 

My cherry pop speed dealers,

a $30 vintage find that are yes! UV protected. 

Blue trucks, vroom vroom. 




TOPSHOP leather jacket, Alexander Wang pants, Vintage sunglasses, SANDRO leather bag, Gucci loafers.

Mode Sportif

Yan Yan Chan

[personal work] for Mode Sportif

Featuring Tiffany & Co

Photographed by Darren Luk

Curated by Yan Yan Chan

We shot these on a 38 degree Spring afternoon - head to toe in sweat and ruffles, hydrated with Bellini's and leftover pieces from a noon cheeseboard. A little sporty, with no gear just a court and some European sneakers and bits of gold, that sparkled and glowed in the dry dry heat.

ASOS x Spring Racing

Yan Yan Chan

PHOTOGRAPHED by Rachel Yabsley & Hannah Roche c/o Street Smith


  • Before we dive into a Rookie's guide for Spring Racing, a few little notes here and there on our ASOS campaign we shot back in July in London (see here)...
  • Pretty damn exciting stuff, and also really really weird seeing my own face on the ASOS website every time I hop on? Haha
  • This is also my first year of the Races so I've learnt a lot about the "bird cage"s, how the whole day kinda flows and also a whole lot of people watching and observing.

Rookie's guide on Spring Racing.

  • Always make sure you're wearing something that's weather convenient. It just so happens that the two weekends we attended in Sydney, both Saturdays were low temperatures and madly windy - meaning lots of hair in the eyes, mouth and general face region.. oh and a lot of short flowy dresses, aka hello undies and nips. 
  • My best bet is to go with a low bun or pony tail.
  • If you're going to wear heels, commit, and make sure they're comfortable. There's nothing worse then leaving the venue barefoot. Here are a few of my favourites SHOES; here, here and here.
  • For men; remember to wear a tie! If you're heading in the tents or rooms - the dress code includes a tie. If you forget, you can purchase a cobalt blue satin tie for $15. We learnt it the hard way.
  • It's a long day, so my favourite beauty knack are face spritzin & hydrating the lips. Keeping it lush and fresh is a yes way.. See my getting ready post over here: ELLE | Get ready with me
  • For the bag.. something compact and enough to hold the essentials; phone, credit card, a lipstick & bandaids.
  • I'm not a massive fan of the fascinator, some people just get it so right and some people just get it so wrong. I tend to stick to a more minimal approach because I'm pretty fiddly when it comes to head pieces, and also don't have the patience - so fresh flowers, head bands or even hair ties are a great alternative. See here, here and here.