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Splendour 4.0

Yan Yan Chan

And.. that's a wrap. [photo diary for Kiehl's Australia]


WHERE TO STAY: The Atlantic Byron Bay

If you're attending the festival with a group, I suggest Airbnb-ing a house for the weekend or staying at a hotel. This year, we stayed with The Atlantic thanks to Kiehls, and I wouldn't have done it any differently. Camping sounds fun - and it is, but you won't want to do it at Splendour, after a long day of dancing in the mud, the last thing you'll want is going back to a muddy tent. Think beautiful warm sheets, floral scents and sun-lit linen in the mornings. Day beds to lounge on when you're a little fragile from the night before and a 7 minute walk to the ocean, for a morning swim when you need that extra freshness.

For transport, the hotel is located 5 minutes from the town's Splendour in the Grass public bus. $10 to get there - best to buy a return ticket to avoid lines on the way back (because they're hectic, you could be waiting for up to 3 hours). Quiet times are around 2.00pm to get in and to get out, as long as you leave right before the last act, you're sweet as a daisy - OR if you're lucky and organised enough, to have arranged a group shuttle bus. 


For the hair; Amino Acid shampoo & conditioner with Coconut and Jojoba oils -  first of all I'm obsessed with the packaging, second of all - hands down favourite shampoo scent right now. Nothing too overpowering, super subtle and just right. 

For the face (night & morning); Ultra facial cleanser & Ultra facial moisturiser - there's nothing more fulfilling to the skin than coming home and getting all that hidden dirt off before sleeping. This one is a gentle cleansing formula, which allows moisture to obtain on the skin after washing. As for the moisturiser, I've been using it every morning and night for the past 2 weeks and it's delicious. 

For the face (Splendour in the Grass); Nathan and I are notorious cosmetic hoarders.. packing is a little funny when we're travelling, we are a little obsessed with finding that perfect formula and trying the next new product. Anything that smells herby and keeps the skin hydrated - this is our festival face routine..

After washing our face with warm water, we applied a thick layer of the Turmeric & Cranberry Seed mask. We love anything that contains Turmeric or Ginger (boosts that immune system and great in products), so this is right up our alley. This little jar is basically a mask and exfoliator - leave on for about a good 10 mins and dry off. The cranberry seeds will give you a light exfoliation. Next up we use the Cactus Flower & Tibetan Ginseng hydrating mist - we're a little crazy with it comes to mists and hydrating sprays. We were using 3 different bottles during our trip to LA.. don't ask why. The best thing about sprays is that you can apply before and after moisturising and all throughout the day - we bring this with us everywhere, the spritzing becomes a bit of a novelty after a while. After moisturising (with the Ultra facial moisturiser ), I use the Avocado eye cream - it applies on beautifully and keeps the skin on my eyes glowy for the entire day.