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Yan Yan Chan

ISLA CAMPAIGN [collaboration]

Photographed by Nathan Jolliffe

Creative direction by me. 


This was one of the last projects I completed for the year 2016, and it was photographed by Nathan in Yallingyup, WA. We were down for the week to visit our dear friends, celebrate Nath's birthday, hang out by the best beaches and wineries and farewell a great year that had been. It was a pretty special trip, and the first New Years I got to celebrate in Australia for quiet some time. I started the year happy from too much Rosé, gazing into a star filled midnight, welcomed with a shooting a star.  The latest Isla collection was a reflection of Summer road trips and a content state of mind - we stumbled upon this farm and old red Volvo on a rainy afternoon and couldn't bear to keep driving, because this was exactly what I had in mind. A rural open space, with endless tumbles of hills, red dirt and ocean. 

Love Letters

Yan Yan Chan

Tiffany & Co [Collaboration]

For lovers. Happy Valentines Day!

Photographed by Darren Luk

Creative Directed by Me

Love letters.

I've always loved sharing the love on Valentines day - love letters, heart shaped notes, stickers, hand drawn cards. Anything goes. It's fun for me, so I wanted to make this shoot a fun one.

Hair & Make up by my favourite team over at Edwards and Co.

All work done by Byron Turnbull.   

All jewellery by Tiffany & Co.


A little series brainstormed at the back of an Uber, stuck in traffic. It was after a talk with Tiffany & Co, on their latest release of selling earrings singularly. For girls who love to experiment with jewellery and wear them in a-not-so conventional way. Charms in your sleepers, triple single earrings on the one, layered typography of necklaces and necklaces as bracelets. The funner the piece is, the more you can do. 

Earrings sold here, Rings here & hereNecklace here

Charm here & here, Ring here

Necklace here


Yan Yan Chan

Tony Bianco x Volley [in collaboration]

Model - Helena Vestergaard

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 7.01.51 pm.png

For those who know my story, know that I came from a film photography background. A film photography background that consisted of amateur experiments in the dark room during 5th and 6th, occasionally and sneakily during lunch and free periods. I was obsessed. I was obsessed with the idea that moments could be captured and kept forever, gone in a second, but embedded on a sheet of photographic paper. I was intrigued by the creativity it brought out in artists and creatives - the fact that you could alter the contrasts and exposure with a touch of a button, the way you could distort and experiment with paint and sketch. It was how this blog all started. 

Tony Bianco x Volley recently collaborated on a collection of timeless sneakers, wear when out, wear to work, wear for afternoon glasses of rosé and wear in between - sneakers you can wear whenever, are affordable and comfortable. The two teams reached out to me a few weeks ago, and pitched to shoot their campaign in film - and only in film. Something I really took to heart, and also took a few moments to think back to when I first started this blog.

I've never received so much trust and belief from a company as much as these guys did, and a lot of other brands I've worked long term, and short term throughout my "blogging" career. The hardest thing about being creative, is believing in yourself and believing in your work. We're in a generation where we have been given several platforms to express our creativity, share our passions, our adventures, our beliefs and whatever we please - and many of the times, also an audience who interact and support what work we put out into the cyber world. It's funny seeing the transition of where my once "amateur" photographic experimentations, scared and unsure self have gradually come to a place where admired brands trust and believe in my work and input - which further push and drive me to keep going, and keep creating. There are no wrongs, and you never have anything to lose. It's a huge thank you to you guys as well - those especially who have been with me from the beginning, thank you for driving me, thank you for believing in me, and thank you for keeping me doing what I love most. Without you, I would not be given chances like these to create, curate, experiment, make mistakes and be kept out of my comfort zone.


My first campaign shot on analogue film.

See the range available HERE

Creative direction & Photography by Yan Yan Chan

MODEL | Helena Vestergaard

STYLIST | Jade Leung

HMU | Martha Kalifatidis