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Gold hair, don't care.

Yan Yan Chan

[Vogue Spy Style]

Photographed by Darren Luk

Curated by Yan Yan Chan

Space by Edwards and Co Alexandria.

BLONDE HAIR DON'T CARE - but sometimes, you just gotta.

Because even though less is more when it comes to hair and beauty, changing from your natural hair colour means a little more attention on the roots and a little more time spent on hair care - time you won't regret! 

Here's a list of my absolute favourite's, must's, daily's and weekly's. Product that have been curated from Edwards and Co, myself to you.

Product I stand by and product that actually work. 


SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER | R + Co: Wash every second morning and sometimes daily. I know it's a massive "no go" when it comes to washing the hair daily, but I use the Moisturising Shampoo + Conditioner and it is perfect for people who like to wash their hair daily. It is __ free, treatment orientated, smells like heaven, travel savvy & fluffy free.. you also can't go past the real cool packaging.

I never brush my hair and always air dry. Not sure if this is the bestest advice but that's the way I do it.

DRY SHAMPOO | R + Co: For when I'm not washing the hair everyday - two dry shampoo's I live by religiously that aren't powdery, and can also be used as a styling product. For home: Death Valley, for on the go (can keep in hand bags): Badlands. (How sick are the names!)

SEA SALT SPRAY | MR SMITH: My hair has always been naturally really "healthy" & a little oilier on the scalp, great for general but not the best for styling and getting that extra texture.. it was almost too healthy. Mr Smith's Sea Salt Spray is perfecto for extra texture and extra hair oomph - it doesn't ruin your hair like a lot of other sea salt sprays and doesn't leave the hair crunchy, just bouncy and flirty ;). Perfect for date nights. c

MOISTURISER | ORIBE: FOR the hair. If only I knew hair moisturisers existed a few year's back!? Saves the dead ends, applies on light, smells fruity, perfect for after showering or after an ocean swim. I use this every morning. 


HAIR MASK | CHRISTOPHE ROBIN: Hair mask & toner in one. Apply after shampooing once a week in wet hair, leave 10+ minutes and wash out. Keeps the brass out of the hair, creamy baby blonde. 

CLARIFYING SHAMPOO | CHRISTOPHE ROBIN: Anyone who is blonde, knows what clarifying shampoo is. This one is my favourite by far, use before the hair mask, it takes all the yellowness out of the hair.. oxidant and colorant free.