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Filtering by Tag: Photographed by Cece Clark

Art of Layering.

Yan Yan Chan

For Uniqlo x Lemaire [collaboration]

Photographed by Brigette

Photographed by Cece Clark

For Uniqlo X Lemaire

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Make up by Panda c/o Shu Uemura 


Creative Direction by Yan Yan Chan

7 looks with 4 pieces. Jumper over one peice,  dress over pants, one peice under pants, dress under jumper.. This is what happens when Uniqlo collaborates with Lemaire (ex- Hermes womenswear designer & one of my personal favourites) and produces a line of clothing, where the pieces not only become the essentials of the wardrobe, but the core.

Take Two

Yan Yan Chan


Images shot by Cece Clark

My favourite types of shoots. No planning, no mood boarding, no concept, no nothing. Just a camera, a bag full of clothes, some fresh 35mm disposable cameras and a bloody helpful borrowed car.

Location? Not sure, let's just drive.


Her the Label Emma Bikini

Etre Cecile skirt (sold out)




Kicking off the New Year, many parties and much wine comsumption-ing, Cece and I have decided to put a stop to the wild nights and get crackin' on collabing. Just kidding about the wild nights though.. they will truthfully, let's be honest; never stop. But.. not kidding at all about the collabing. After many hopeless "creative meeting" - which either end up being hosted on the beach, or at a bar (??, we're still working on that bit). We decided.. screw it, why plan when we can just do. That's how we work best.

So.. here's the first batch of images we came up with.. after a dip-a-dee-doo in the ocean. Also, I did not get stung by a blue bottle on this fine day. 

Next post due: 11/02/2016 Photo diary: Hunter Valley with Accor Hotels